Monday, November 26, 2012

Epic Post is Epic!

Hmmm...not sure how to catch up on two and a half years in one post, but here goes!

We moved back to Katherine <3

 (if I could marry a town, it'd be my true love).

Palm trees and thunderstorms - how I missed you!

There was an addition to the family... Cherry. She's an Abyssinian; she's annoying, but hilarious and 
loving and still kind of finding her place within the family.

Abyssinian kitten

We had rainy days...

Wet days...

Jack Russell jumping in sprinkler

...and sleepy days.

We hosted some dinner parties...

We went to some dinner parties.

There is a reason "Mauritius" sounds like "delicious"!

Mauritian food

I turned 40!

I met some new friends...

Elle Driver costume

...and got to hug some old, dear friends...

By the way, my costume is Elle Driver from Kill Bill 

Elle Driver costume

I had a very awesome, yet surreal and dreamy night!

Ned Kelly costume

Snooki costume and vampire costume

Daniel turned eight.

Eight-year-olds get green pancakes and ice-cream for breakfast, don't you know?

Green pancakes with ice-cream

Minecraft cake!

Minecraft cake

Jack Russell Dog wearing party hat

We had a Christmas!

With a cherry on top!

This was my dinner. I ate that whole plate!

Turkey dinner

We bought a house!

It's an old fixer-upper with a huge backyard and incredible tropical gardens (including mango trees).

Daniel swapped schools to be closer to home.

Kayla turned 16!

The food...

Homemade pizza!

Sticky chicken wings!

Coriander chicken meatballs!

Coriander meatballs

Mallow pops!

Marshmallows lollipops

The peeps!

We had some lovely escapes to Darwin...

Michael and I stayed at Sky City Casino.

Room Service at 3am.

Wedges with chilli and sour cream!

On another trip we stayed at this lovely little spot

The fish feeding at Aquascene.

The Wharf in Darwin.

Giant saltwater crocodile

...and on a later trip...

The food at Cornucopia Cafe is truly spectacular!

Eggs Benedict

Even the most hard-to-impress teenagers act like children at the beach.

I ate things like this... with smashed-up Oreos and chocolate topping!

Mi Goreng with egg and chilli!

I've been enjoying the incredible beauty of the Top End whenever I can...


 We had a Halloween party!


Zipper face!


Old-school Halloween!

Sexy devil!


I had another birthday (yawn) and now we're up to date!


Bev said...

Terrific photo diary of the last couple of years Kim!! Glad you caught us up - thanks!! xx

Christie said...

What an epic couple of years!! Such fun times xx