Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthdays and stuff

Well, the big news is...I quit my job. It may seem like a crazy thing to do considering the high cost of living, but I believe it's the right decision. We'll just have to watch our pennies a bit more.

The great news is I'm collaborating on a children's book with my very talented sister and couldn't be more excited about it. I am determined to make this dream into a reality and am spending almost all of my time on it.

Currently I am learning to use Illustrator. Thanks to the many talented artists who post online tutorials I have been able to come a long way in just a few days.

I was able to complete this last night in under two hours.

If you wish to view the original and the tutorial to see the process, visit here

In other news Michael turned 40, Daniel has lost his two front teeth (and now has an adorable lisp), and Kayla has been getting into photography and has produced some lovely images. (I must get her to start her own Website and start putting her photographs up.)

Tomorrow Kayla turns 14 and I couldn't be more proud of the way she's turning out. She's intelligent, beautiful, extremely funny, a dedicated student (even though she does really hate that one science teacher), and overall a caring and responsible person with more insight than I had at the age of 25! I love you, Kayla!

Aside from teaching myself how to use Adobe Illustrator I have been throwing myself back into cooking. In fact I just finished baking a big batch of chocolate chip biscuits and loaded them up with Kit Kat chunks for good measure.

Banana cake


Chicken meatballs

Red currant and rosemary shanks

Milo slice (Daniel was very unimpressed with these but everyone else absolutely loved them!)

Rice paper rolls (We had so much fun making these together)

Photos from Michael's 40th birthday bash

Kayla and I decided that the cake should have a layer of Smarties mixed with chocolate icing. Kayla cooked the three cakes and I iced it. I trust Kayla with cake baking more than I do myself!

Nothing like a good fire to stand around.

Pinata fun.

This was a bloody close call!


Mother's Day at Nan's. We all had a lovely time playing pool, soaking up the sunlight and enjoying the quiches that Pa cooked. My lovely family spoiled me by buying me comic books, doing all of the housework and cooking me breakfast and dinner. A really nice day all around.

Aunty Janet arrived just before Michael's birthday to live in Canberra permanently.


Random stuff

The outdoor kitty from next door visited my indoor kitty this morning. It was love at first sight.

"Leaf me alown. Carnt u see ahm on mah compooter?"

Take care, all

Kim xox