Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daniel's birthday, Christmas and New Year's.

*Please don't forget to click on the photos for a much better look at them*

Ack! I am sooo far behind in my blogging!! Daniel turned 6 on November 26th and we celebrated with dinosaur cake and Lego (naturally).

Christmas was an absolute blur! The week before Christmas I worked 8 till 5 and Christmas Eve I worked from 8 till 8. Christmas Day went way too fast and then I was back at work on Boxing Day. I got an early mark as the Boxing Day sales were a bit slower than expected. I have to say that even though work was really busy over the Christmas period, it was a lot of fun, especially as we have some new casuals working there who provide lots of laughs.

I did, however, really miss luxuriating in Christmas like I usually do, but I'm enjoying some lovely time off with the kids now which is fabulous.

I made my own bon bons this year.

Christmas morning - I woke up at 5am and woke the kids up at 6:30am!

Off to Lorraine and Colin's for Christmas Lunch.

I got some awesome Lego from Michael; Daniel has already lost the skull that sits on the gate entrance!! This is why I maintain that Lego is not for children!

We had a special visitor over Christmas too, a Blue Tongue!

New Year's Eve

The Strands and Meaghers went to the Hellenic Club for NYE and we had the best time. There were different bands, a lot of music from around the world and several dance performances that were riveting to watch! I was especially happy that the kids had so much fun. It's truly a night they'll never forget and seeing their enjoyment really made my night.

Taken just before we left.

Random baby watched us all night in utter fascination.


Michael bought a second-hand Jeep Wrangler and has been having a blast in it. Daniel is rapt as well as he was extremely unimpressed when we had to get rid of the Nissan.

Mount Coree, in the clouds.

These were also taken by Michael atop Mount Coree on a separate trip.

Absolutely stunning scenery and excellent photography by Michael!

I just adore this one!


I am thoroughly enjoying the school holidays. Kayla is spending a lot of time with her cousins, so it's mostly just Daniel and me. We've been playing computer games and building Lego (and taking it apart again) every day. I've been cooking and working out like crazy too. I got a bit slack over the Christmas period, not food-wise, but I did very little exercise.

I put on about two kilos which I have since lost. I've re-evaluated my body and fitness and I now estimate that I have at least another ten kilos of fat to come off. In order to achieve the body I want (I want zero fat and lots of muscle - not much to desire) I will seriously have to step up the cardio. So I've resumed jogging, even though it kills my bunions and, well I just hate jogging so bloody much!!! The fat just melts off when I do it though, so it's going to be soooo worth it. This year I am finally going to have the body I've always dreamed of.

Michael is trying really hard to get into shape before his 40th this year. I think that number is freaking him out a bit. :) If it gets him into shape then it's a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

There's not a lot else to tell. It's almost time for me to hit the treadmill so I'll leave it here and just say Happy New Year!

Kim xx