Thursday, October 8, 2009

School holiday fun

I've had two weeks off work and it's been wonderful! I'm so sad it's coming to an end as I have really enjoyed being at home hanging out with the kids.

To be honest, we didn't do very much and it couldn't have been more perfect. Daniel and I spent a week sorting through, and finding all the missing pieces to, his substantial Lego collection. We rebuilt almost all of his Lego, everything from trucks to castles, but had a lot of trouble finding all the pieces for the sets.

Apparently I'm a bit of a killjoy with Lego because I like it to be super organised. I labelled about twelve ice-cream containers and put the correct parts in them for future building ease. I also filed all of his instructions away into a special folder for future reference. Michael thinks I just don't get the whole concept of Lego, but I disagree. I do Lego the right way!!! Organised fun is fun too! I mean, what's the point if you can't rebuild your Indiana Jones temple because you don't know where all the pieces are?

Yes, that is a Uno card-covered cat.

The kids had loads of fun with their cousins during the holidays. We had Jade stay over for three nights in a row and I think Daniel liked the idea of having an older brother!

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to a birthday party for one of Daniel's school friends out at Fadden Pines Park. It was a top spot with loads of awesome play equipment, very different to the usual kind. We're definitely going back there again soon.

It was fancy dress, Daniel went as a pirate.

He had such a good time!

Where there is cake to be had you'll find Daniel.


We finally had a (mostly) rain free weekend, so Michael got stuck in and built two of the three shelves he designed for the shed. This means we'll be able to get all the junk (aka really important things that cannot be thrown away) off the floor and have access to our gym equipment again.


Random stuff.

Michael thinks I'm a linen junkie, but in my defence it was half-price and just look how pretty it is!

When I was younger I had several Al Perkins books. Something jogged my memory the other day and I remembered this delightful story.

I've desperately been trying to find a book called Tubby and the Poobah. Well, I actually did find it, but not for under $100. It's so rare now that its value has sky-rocketed. I lucked out of winning it through an online auction on Sunday and am kicking myself for not bidding higher!!

I don't want it as a collector, I truly loved the story and really want Daniel to have it. I already have Tubby and the Lantern, another favourite of mine, so if anybody happens to have, or come across, this book, I would be more than happy to pay a generous amount for it. Who knows, it might be sitting on your book shelf right now!

It looks like this.

Daniel and I have been playing a game called Farm Town online. We both have our own farms and can hire each other to harvest our crops. It's so surreal to have his little avatar show up on my farm and be typing back and forth to each other.

Here is a screen capture of Daniel retyping everything I say to him while he harvests my wheat crops!



Michael is finding the pace of his new job a bit slow going at times. It's a bit of a holiday after his old one. He's also adjusting to government bureaucracy and procedures.

He's back on board with getting fit and has starting jogging and eating right again, much to my relief! He's turning 40 next year (OMG) and at our age we need to be serious about our health.

Kayla and Daniel went back to school today. They seemed happy enough to be going back. They are both doing really well at school and for the first time neither of them seem to be having any problems. *breathes out*

Kim xxx


Christie said...

Daniel looks so different! It hasn't been that long since I saw him! Anyway looks like you had a fun break together. I, on the other hand, was really looking forward to them going back to school and all the other activities we do. that a pencil up your nose? LOL Brings back memories of ...Trevor? was it? Haha!

Kimberley said...

Ha! Ha! Good old trev.

It's Lego by the way.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I love Uno cat.

Somehow I'm not at all surprised that you organized the Legos. Do what ya gotta do.


Bev said...

Great to see you having so much fun with the kids during the holidays - brings back memories of doing jigsaws and playing games (we didn't have any Lego) with you and Christie during school hols.
Mum xxxx