Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spring has sprung.

The weather here is so weird. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny and today we've had non-stop rain! This seems to happen a lot here; you just cannot predict tomorrow's weather by today's.

I'm so glad we're finally into September. We have had some really lovely days so far and it's only going to get better from now on!


We had a big night out last month. The first one in a very long time! We had a ball playing air hockey (I'd love a table for Christmas!) and dancing all night.

From left to right: Deniska (workmate), CJ, me, Michael and Karen.

The next day called for some serious hangover food (Berocca and bacon, tomatoes, eggs and baked beans on toast).


Michael and I celebrated our second anniversary on the 18th August. I was working all day so we went for lunch at a lovely Turkish restaurant nearby and then had Wendy's ice-cream afterwards.

These are the flowers I told Michael to buy me. :)

I also celebrated by getting my wedding rings re-Rhodium plated. They look brand new again!


We took the kids to Plaka in Mawson a couple of weekends ago. It was quite expensive but very nice. The food and atmosphere were fantastic. Daniel discovered he really, really, likes sticky date pudding.

I love going out to dinner. I wish we could afford it more often.


We all spent a bit of time in the garden over the weekend. I got a bit of a shock to walk outside and find THIS though!! I mean, I love snails as much as the next person, but seriously, kids!

They really are kinda sweet.


Yesterday was Father's Day and we went out to Karen and Phil's to celebrate. Phil cooked a BBQ and the weather couldn't have been better. The only sad part was that Michael was in Tennant Creek. :(

Karen's Cherry Blossoms are in flower and are just stunning! (I can't take credit for these photos either, Kayla took these)


I bought Kitty some Cat Grass from Bunnings. She really loved it.

I mean REALLY loved it!

I planted a whole bunch of pansies and petunias as well, but the minute I went inside Chili decided that she had to dig out the ferrets that were quite obviously hiding at the bottom of the pots! She can't help it, it's her nature...but jeeeeez!!!


Kitty knows she's cute.


Kayla is doing extremely well at school. Last week she earned the "Hardest worker of the week" award and she was given a huge block of Rocky Road chocolate. She really puts 100% effort into her school work and I'm really proud of her.

I had to return my sexy glasses. I had them adjusted about twelve times and they just got worse. I had the original nose pads removed and replaced with softer ones, but it made no real difference. I had huge indentations on the sides of my nose and it was driving me crazy.

OPSM agreed to let me choose different frames and didn't even charge me for the new lenses (in fact, they refunded me a few hundred dollars because I chose less expensive frames). So I'm giving them a plug here because I was extremely happy with their service.

My new glasses are okay (they hurt my nose a little too), they are just plastic and nowhere near as attractive as the metal ones. But the pain just wasn't worth it. I never would have chosen metal frames if I'd known how god-awful nose pads were!

Michael has been in Tennant Creek for the last week. He arrives back here on Wednesday night, so we'll celebrate Father's Day then. It's his last big job with his current employer as he finishes up this Thursday.

Michael starts his new job at the Bureau of Meteorology on the 14th of this month. He's extremely excited about it and really looking forward to new challenges and a new environment. Working from home all day long has been driving him a little bit nuts!

I've cut back my hours a bit. I won't be doing full days anymore as I'll be doing the morning and afternoon school runs.

So, things are falling into place. We're plodding along nicely. We're in a much better place (geographically, financially etc.) than we were six months ago and it feels great.

Kim xox


Sturre Family said...

Gorgeous kiddies. Well done Kayla, good for you. So happy you are all happy - lots of hugs and kisses xxoo

Anonymous said...

Ha! It took me a minute to remember that your spring coincides with our fall.

I had the same problem with my glasses until I got polycarbonite (or something like that) lenses. They're much lighter.

Great pix, as always. I always enjoy seeing how happy you are with your familay, and your collection of critters.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I'm glad things are going well for you.

Your colleagues are nearly as hot as you are :P

Also, that's what weather is like... it's supposed to change. Anything else is just climate, meh...
which is not supposed to change :(

Best to you all


Bev said...

Thanks for the great pics - congratulations to Kayla on good results. Catching up with Michael in Alice tonight. Love Mum xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I love sticky date pudding too!

Trewin is...ok at school. Meaning he is attending. In all other areas he is fine, he just hates school.