Monday, August 10, 2009

A few days off.

Well, I've just had the last 3 days off work (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). I have thoroughly enjoyed it too! It's a little different to a weekend as the kids are at school so I have much more time to myself.

I used my free time to paint. I found this delightful painting online and had a go at doing it myself. I really hope the original artist would be flattered and not try to sue me, as I'm definitely not claiming this as my own work!!

The original, by Laura Milnor Iverson.

My version.

I am quite pleased with the cat. Mainly because it doesn't look much like a cat.

I recently banned Kayla from the computer during the week and was pleased to find that she and Daniel both joined me in painting and drawing on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. The computer was using up all her spare time and producing nothing of any use to anybody!

Here's Kayla with some drawings from the last couple of days.

Arty farty time!

I also cooked my heart out. I really miss those days where you can just cook all day long if you want to.

On Monday I made a spicy chicken and tomato curry...

and the most delicious salad ever.

Yesterday morning I made an orange and poppy seed cake (with no butter or oil, so I could also enjoy it in moderation).

And for dinner last night I made lamb stoba and let it slow cook all day long. (Aunty Gemma, those are cinnamon sticks...not sausages!)

We went to Taekwondo again last night. We currently have to learn a quite complex pattern of moves in order to be graded at the end of term. There are quite a few ways in which the class pushes me outside my comfort zone.

For example, when we make certain moves we must loudly yell "Kia", we must bow as we enter and exit the hall, and at the end of each lesson we must shake hands and bow to each student and say "Kum-sum-ee-da". Last week I was paired up with several strangers and told I had to try to tap them on the top of their heads (sparring)! None of these are things I find easy to do. Not only that, but at the end of the term our grading will be in front of all the other students, something I am honestly dreading.

Comfort zones are boring as hell anyway.

Kim xox


Gemma said...

All things seem fine in your little kingdom Kim. Love the dishes you are cooking. does the last lamb dish have sausages in it?
Hope I can get Bev and Keith down this way soon.


Kimberley said...

Ha ha, no, they are cinnamon sticks that kind of expanded. But they do look like sausages!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have nothing to say, but I always enjoy your journal and your fine pictures.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how productive you are.

Love the painting.


Anonymous said...

Stop making me hungry!

I like your painting better, the pink blossom is lovely.