Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Quick Update

Just a quick update today.

First of all, congratulations to Christie and Mat on the birth of their fourth child, Roman Mathew. We are all looking forward to visiting soon and meeting him.

It's still freezing. I am so glad that July is almost over because then it's only one more month until September. I've been told that Spring arrives on schedule so I am really hanging out!!

This was the state of the car the other morning.

Kayla has been sick for almost a week now (I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow). It looks like she has the flu as she has constant headaches, lethargy, no appetite and a bad cough. At least she has Chili to keep her company.

*UPDATE 27/07/09*
Kayla has a bad sinus infection and is now on antibiotics. She is having a few days off school and getting lots of TLC. :)

I've been trying to get everyone healthy by giving them vitamins and feeding them smoothies every day.

I'm not really sure what to say about this, but I think it'll be a great 21st photo!

Michael's just left for a course in Sydney. He's staying there until Thursday, at the Sydney Harbour Marriott don't you know? It's alright for some!!

We've joined up Taekwondo and all go as a family one night a week. We're all really enjoying it and just got our uniforms last week. Daniel looks so cute in his so I'll take a photo next week.

Michael's waiting to hear back about a job he had an interview for last week. I've decided to stay at Prouds as I am really enjoying the job now and would really miss it if I left.

Not a lot else to tell really; we're plodding along nicely. The kids are both doing well at school. I haven't had a report card for Daniel yet, but Kayla received all As and Bs on hers so I am very pleased.

Take care all.

Kim xox