Sunday, May 10, 2009


I loooove Canberra! I feel right at home here and the new job is going great. The only hard part is driving. I'm still finding it quite frightening and the road works throw me off constantly. Just when I'll finally get used to the road and know which lane I need to be in they'll block off that lane and throw in a detour! It's so scary to me because I pretty much only know how to get to the school, the shopping centre and Nan's house! If Michael's in the car it's fine, but when I'm alone I just freak out!

I know I'll probably eventually look back and laugh, but I had quite a traumatic week my first week of work. I took several wrong turns, got lost, always found myself in the wrong lane, couldn't change lanes when I needed to, but, worst of all, one afternoon I couldn't leave the car park because I forgot to pay for parking at the parking bay and then the machine ate my ticket!

I spent many moments sitting (totally panicked) in my car crying, feeling terrified and hopelessly out of my element. A panic attack at work on my second day didn't help either. But a week or two later and time and perspective are allowing me to see things more clearly.

I realise now that I've pushed myself way outside my comfort zone and was simply adjusting to it all. So many things have changed for me; we moved to a new state and a new house, I started a new job (in an environment I am totally unfamiliar with), my kids started new schools, and for the first time I'm living in a city. Yeah, yeah, I know all you Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane people are laughing loudly, but for me this is a big place.

Even though it's been a massively stressful month I couldn't be happier. I'm so glad we made this move and things finally feel as they should. I absolutely love the house we're in, it's so cosy and homey and I really appreciate simple things about my new life. I love that both the kids' schools are so close by, I love that the local shopping centre is two minutes away and has fantastic fresh fruit and veg, and I love that I have such strong family support around me. For the first time in a really long time (if ever) each night when I hop into bed I have this awesome feeling of contentment.


It's Kayla's 13th birthday on the 21st of this month; it's all very exciting that she's finally going to be a teenager! Although it feels like she's been one for about three years now to be honest.

Kayla seems to be fitting in quite well at school but she was shocked to find that a lot of the kids smoke on the school grounds. I did have thoughts of sending her to the Catholic school nearby but then I decided that Kayla is smart enough to make her own decisions and choose the right friends. So for now she'll stay at the public school and I'll re-evaluate after this term has finished (and her report card arrives).

Daniel is also enjoying school and is making friends this time. He didn't make any friends at his last school and I don't think he liked his teacher very much at all. He's doing really well academically and loves being at the same school as Kayla (even if they are on different campuses).


On Mother's Day we went to Glebe Park with most of the family (all but Grandma and Karen, who was working). We had a nice vegetarian curry, petted a crocodile and hung out with a drag queen.

Real nice, Michael! Although I'm pretty sure that the bent-over lady's husband is onto you! See how he's stroking his chin in that "Hmm, is that dude taking a picture of my wife's arse?" kind of way?

I absolutely LOVE my Mother's Day present from Michael and the kids. It's made with copper and clay and the colours are just spectacular!



Kitty decided that she also needed to do some yoga.

She's showing off here, look how far she can stretch her back leg!

Chili is fitting in well, although I could do without the little parcels she likes to leave around the house. She's spending more time outside and we bought her a lovely kennel to sleep in. Daniel has spent the most time in it thus far!

We also got a new fish. A friend gave us their old aquarium, complete with everything we needed to set up immediately (pump, plants, pebbles etc.), so all we needed to buy was the fish.

Animal love! These two are either grooming each other or fighting, and on the rare occasion they snuggle up to keep warm.



We had Tim and Aimee (and Kaiser) over for lunch a couple of Sundays ago. I made Harira for the first time. It was a very fragrant and comforting meal.

On Mother's Day Kayla and Michael made homemade pizzas for dinner.

Kayla's (pumpkin, cheese, chicken with BBQ sauce)

Michael's (pumpkin, spinach leaf and Feta)


Michael's been away all week, back in Tennant Creek. I've managed fine without him here and have had no problems driving to and from work this week. The kids and I have settled into a lovely routine but are really looking forward to having him home safe again.

Hope you all are well and happy.

Kim xox