Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sports Day and Goodbyes

Well, the house is almost entirely packed into boxes (apart from the computers and bedding). I just wanted to put up some photos and give everyone an update before we leave for Canberra.

Daniel had his sports day last week and went in two races. He absolutely loved being a part of it all and really enjoyed having Kayla and me there to cheer him on in the afternoon.


I've been packing for weeks now, but most of it was done in the last few days. I've even managed to make myself sick with stress - yay me! Even if I don't actually feel stressed my body lets me know that I am - I currently have a pinched nerve in my lower back, an earache, a hideous cold sore, constant tension headaches, a sore throat, fatigue and muscle aches!! I didn't realise I was that stressed!!

Really though, there's so much to think about.
  • The real estate agent hasn't found anybody to take over our current lease and we start paying for the new house in two days (I'd say that is the biggest source of my stress actually).
  • After the removalists leave tomorrow we have to clean this place ready for inspection.
  • I still have to organise someone to clean the carpets and mow the lawns.
  • I have to redirect all the mail again and ring every company and organisation (banks, ATO, electoral office etc.) we're involved with and update our address details again!
  • I will have to transfer my licence over (after driving out to Christie's Beach only two weeks ago to transfer it to SA) due to moving interstate again.
  • I have to learn how to drive in city traffic (I've never lived nor driven in a city).
  • I have to find new schools for the kids, enrol them and organise uniforms etc.
  • I start a new job as soon as I arrive in Canberra (although that is something I'm looking forward to it is definitely adding to the pile).
In fact, I'm just going to stop myself here or my head might explode.

I really am completely hopeless when it comes to dealing with too many things at once. I plan to get back into meditation after the move because I know that my stress is mostly internal and it's making me ill.

Breathe, Kim. Just breathe.

It will be our last night on Hindmarsh Island tonight. We're staying in a two bedroom cabin in Victor Harbor Tuesday and Wednesday night (while we clean the house during the day) and on Thursday morning we are outta here! Look out Christie, here we come!

Phil (Michael's sister's husband) was here for the weekend as he was in Adelaide for work. It was great having him here, he helped Michael pack up the garage and Daniel followed him around like a shadow the whole time. He offered comic relief during an otherwise stressful time. Thanks Phil!

We had an absolute ball on Saturday night. My good friends, Alex and Trewin came down for the evening and we all danced and carried on until late. It was a much needed stress reliever! We were all rapt that they brought their new pet with them, a chocolate brown Chihuahua...sooooooo cute!!!

Photos from Saturday night.

Video footage of our awesome dance skillz. *cough cough*


In other news my cousin Andrew died of a drug overdose and my Great Aunt Edna died (peacefully in her sleep) at the age of 95. I didn't know either of them very well and hadn't seen them for several years but they've been on my mind the last few days since hearing the news. I'm especially saddened by the death of my cousin. I'm so sorry that so many people will be hurt by the way he died and can only hope that he has at last found some peace.


On a lighter note, Daniel invented an awesome spider catcher! We set it up in the hallway because that's where most of the spiders appear at night. Look what we found in his trap in the morning!

Well, that's it for me. Next post will be in a few weeks I would imagine. I'm so excited, I love new beginnings. See ya soon Strand/Meagher mob!

Kim xox


Gemma said...

Wow Kim - it took me a long time to read down this long list of activity. I empathise with your moving stress. I am now in the happy position of never having to move again!! My last move was at 65! Hope you don't have to move at that age.

Hope all goes well with the move to Canberra. will be thinking of you there. You will love it.


Kimberley said...

Thanks, Gemma. I really think we're finally making the right move! Both times I've been to Canberra I have really loved it. I think I'm going to fit right in!


Sturre Family said...

Hi there, I'm so disappointed for you that your house hasn't been re-let, I hope it doesn't take too long to get sorted out! We are looking forward to seeing you, hopefully you can do some de-stressing here. I have updated my blog too, but because of the new security settings it doesn't appear to have updated on your blog side bar. Hmmmm. I hope the rest of your move goes smoothly and we'll see you soon xx

Anonymous said...

Those kids are adorable!

And by all means, do breathe.


Craig & Sharon said...

Yes Kim remember to BREATHE! And just remember these are small hurdles to a big destination in the new journey. Just work through them a bit at a time and try not to rush it all.

Check the licence thing because you may not have to get that changed straight away. You might have a few months to do that so that might ease that burden.

Loved the sports day photos. Kayla looked like she was having soooo much fun!!! :-)

Take care of you and if I hear of any good massage therapists I'll let you know. Sounds like you need one.

Have a good trip and see you on Facebook.

dan said...

yikes, the spiders there are so huge!!!

my condolences for your recent losses. especially a shame about your cousin.

hopefully the overall stress levels will start coming down soon with regard to the move and everything else getting re-settled.

take care,

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your relatives. That sadness must be adding to your stress; about which I can't even suggest anything useful :(

And, that's an awesome spider-catcher... He will go far, if he wants to :)

My verification word for this email is syiriast. Speculations about such a person's activities are welcome :)

Peace to you all