Sunday, March 8, 2009

Canberra Trip

It was a looooong drive to Canberra. The roads are really windy and it seemed to take forever! I much prefer the open straight roads of the Territory.

We had to catch the ferry at Wellington. That was a bit of a novelty!

We stayed at Christie (my sister) and Mat's for one night on the way there and one night on the way back. They live in Swan Hill and it was really nice to see their home for the first time.

Daniel loved playing with the kids and it was great to catch up. It was so busy at their house that I totally forgot to take photos! I snapped a few at the last moment but most of them didn't turn out. These two were all I got!

We'll definitely stay a bit longer next time!


We had a great time in Canberra, even though most of it was spent house hunting! We almost bought a house but decided to wait a bit longer and see what happens with the economy.

Michael's parents' house is always busy and full of life. Daniel had lots of fun with all the animals.

I seriously fell in love with this cat. She was very cool!

Grandma and faithful pet, Katie. Katie never leaves her side, she's so adorable!

Quality time with Nan.

I caught up with Aimee, Tim and the loveable Kaiser. He definitely remembered me and spent a long time on my lap. He looks better than ever and is obviously being well cared for.


Back to the island and the water level has gone down so quickly over the last few weeks; it really is quite distressing to watch. The boats on the marina are now on the rocks. This one is across the canal from us.


Michael took Friday off and we went into Adelaide to visit the South Australian Museum. The Hatching the Past dinosaur exhibition was due to finish soon so we made sure we caught it. A lot of it was interactive which was fun for Daniel.

We went for lunch in the city and were lucky enough to catch a live street show. Bendy Em her act is called and she was awesome! She kept singling Michael out and cheekily scolding him for checking out her bum (which he was fully guilty of).

Click on this one to see the faces of the audience. This chick was seriously hilarious and had the audience laughing the whole time.

The big finale.

This "statue" was so cheeky. Daniel was terrified of her! She looked amazing and I don't know how she stopped herself from smiling or scratching!


Kitty escaped the other day and came back in covered in cobwebs.

"What? Do I have something on my face?"


This morning I saw Kitty at the window staring intently at something outside. I looked out and saw a little mouse scampering about near the leftover guinea pig food. I thought "Oh, what the hell" and opened the door so she could go and catch it.

Here she is with the mouse.

This is after Daniel let her inside with the mouse (ARGH) and we then realised she had caught not one, but two mice!!!

Then I just felt bad. :(

I ended up catching them and letting them go out on the front lawn. Hours later and Kitty is still looking for them.


Michael is away again which, quite frankly, sucks! It's just Daniel and me at home as Kayla is still in Alice Springs. Daniel tells me often that he misses both Daddy and Kayla and we just can't wait until we're all back together again.

After Michael gets back from Katherine we're planning on moving to Canberra fairly quickly. The hard part is finding a house from here! We have to rely on other people to check places out for us and due to work it isn't always convenient for them. The agencies have set viewing times and if you can't make it, tough luck!

Visiting Canberra has really cemented our decision. It's such a relaxed place but it has everything going for it and is so central. We can't wait to get there!

That's all I have for now, take care everyone!

Kim xox


Sturre Family said...

Good luck with your house hunting. What a clever kitty you have!

dan said...

good luck with the house hunting!

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures. Looks like a fun trip. Those people sure are bendy.