Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Canberra, here we come!

After a month or so of worry, doubt, indecision, and outright what the hell are we doing kind of panic, we have finally decided to move to Canberra instead of Katherine.

I guess moving back seemed like the easy option at first, but as time went on it felt more and more like a very bad idea. I think it was also because we felt that being anywhere would be better than here!!! Our mistake wasn't leaving Katherine, it was moving here.

During our April holiday to this area it appeared to be a lively, active place. The reality is that there are no jobs, few people our age, and even less amenities/shops/schools than Katherine. We are so incredibly isolated on this island and the fact that the river recedes a little more each day is extremely depressing; it's like the whole area is dying.

We left Katherine for many good reasons, the main one being that we wanted our 12 year old daughter to grow up in a place that offered good education and other academic/recreational opportunities. Neither here nor Katherine offer those things and we feel we'd be doing her a disservice to go back. There's really nothing for teenagers to do in small towns like Katherine but get into strife, and as Michael and I are both from small towns, we know exactly what kind of strife! ;)

The opportunities in Canberra are many, especially for Michael in IT. It's a great place in regards to education and academia. I know I will really enjoy living somewhere that has a university again!!

The best news of all though is that I have a job already! (It's at a Prouds store.) My sister-in-law, Karen, gave me the good news today; she's going to train me in her store and then, when I'm ready, ship me off to one of the other stores. I'm really excited because I have wanted to work in retail for a while now and this is a fantastic opportunity.

When we moved here I thought there would be numerous things, like yoga and tai chi classes, to join - I couldn't have been more wrong!! I've already bookmarked the Tibetan Buddhist Society of Canberra Website and can't wait to do my first meditation course! The kids will have many more choices as well, I find the Canberra Youth Theatre quite interesting (and I am hoping it might interest Kayla too). The kids can learn everything from Karate to Bollywood dancing if they want to! It's all about choices.

We are heading off to Canberra tomorrow morning to visit with our Canberra rellies for a few days. We'll stay with Christie and Mat tomorrow night so Daniel will get to see all of his cousins in one hit! Other friends of ours, Tim and Aimee, moved to Canberra recently and we'll be catching up with them also. They're the couple who adopted our little dog, Kaiser, so it will be great to see him again. We'll be spending a good amount of our visit looking for a house to rent as well so wish us luck with that.

It feels so good to have finally made a decision. :)

Kim xox


Sturre Family said...

Yay! See you tomorrow :)

Rowena said...

Oooh, wow! I really like Canberra, truly. My best friend Jo lives there, as well as wonderful SGers Chris aka CJ aka SickorSane, and Amy (Iridescent_Red) and Liam (can't remember his handle!) and Amy's young son. I visit at least once a year to stay with Jo and see everyone, and there's pretty decent flight prices around the eastern states. Not to mention that it's not a long drive to Sydney and flights between the city are also doable.

It's really beautiful and the live music scene, particularly live jazz and folk at cafes at breakfast time, is wonderful!

Yay for you! When is the move?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Daniel to start his Bollywood dance classes!!

Kimberley said...

^ HAHA, I was thinking more along the lines of Karate for him! Don't forget to leave your name if leaving a comment so I know who you are!

Allycat said...

Well you already know what i think about canberra! I used to go to the National Capital Acting School and I would really reccommend it for drama training - I think they do both children and adult classes, but if Kayla is interested it is worth a look. I will also send you a link to a great yoga teacher who has a really good reputation here. I went to a post-pregnancy yoga class for around three months and she was AWESOME!

Gemma said...

Glad to hear you are coming to Canberra Kim. I am sure you will love it here - we do - and there is so much on all the time in arts and crafts that is free.

Good luck with your househunting. Where is your Prouds job??

I expect Michael has some good contacts for Canberra IT. There are also some good IT Jobsearch companies.

Might see you next week.


Anonymous said...

Good for you. It's always a relief to have made a decision.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are glad, but I don't know that I am glad about you leaving me... you just got here biatch!! Love ya
Renee xx

Gretchen said...

I'm so excited. I really hope that Canberra works out for you all.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're going forward :)