Saturday, January 24, 2009


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The school holidays are finally at an end (excuse me while I quietly jump for joy) and Daniel begins school on Tuesday. He's so excited and very eager to get stuck in. His teacher seems really nice and even sent him a letter in the mail saying how excited she is to be teaching him and how she can't wait until Tuesday! How cute! I'm only sad that he'll have to leave and change schools again in a month or so. He is extremely excited at the thought of going back to Katherine though and asks me nearly every day when we're leaving!

Kayla is less enthusiastic about starting high school, mostly because she knows we're moving soon and she doesn't want to have to start high school at two different schools. I really feel for her, but hopefully it won't be as bad as she thinks. Things usually aren't.

I'm not sure how long it's going to take to get back to the Territory. I imagine it will be at least a month though. The more I think about it the more excited I get. It still feels like Katherine is my home and I'm really okay with that. I always felt that I was missing out on everything by living there, but I realise now that I wasn't missing out on a bloody thing! If it took moving here to realise that, then it's been worth it. I know now that when we go back I'm not going to feel restless like I used to. I know exactly what I'm going back to...and I can't wait!

Michael had a day off on Friday and we went into Victor for the morning. They had a mini show ground by the beach, so Daniel got to jump on the bouncy castle and I almost threw my neck out on the dodgems.

We've been invited to an Australia Day BBQ next door tomorrow. They're going to have a raising of the flag ceremony and everything, should be fun! Unfortunately Michael's in Darwin right now (so it will just be me and the kids going). He'll be in Katherine the rest of the week and back here on Saturday.

It looks like there might be a few people there as they're setting up marquees.

Alex came for a visit last night after Michael left for Adelaide and we took the kids out for dinner. We went to a local Irish restaurant that had a lovely atmosphere and a real Irishman running it. I had a delicious steak, Kayla had a chicken pie and Daniel had...chips. What else?

My old friend, Ken is coming to visit this week. He's always got something up his sleeve so I'm curious to find out what the latest is with him. Renee will be keeping me company on Thursday night too, so I shouldn't get too lonely while Michael's away.

We sold the quad and have my car advertised for sale as well. Haven't had any nibbles yet, but hopefully it will sell before we move.

The weather is slightly less awful than before. Although it's really just the wind that ruins everything. It's nice and sunny today, but there's still a chilly breeze. Some days the wind comes from the north and is hot like a wind sent straight from hell itself. Early last week the wind was so strong that I could barely even open my car door. I went grocery shopping with the kids and Daniel was screaming because of all the muck flying into his eyes. It just put us all in a filthy mood! I honestly cannot wait to leave and quite frankly, my whingeing about the weather is even starting to annoy me! Sometimes I wish I'd just shut up about it already!

The spiders here are kind of horrific, but ever fascinating! I never see any cute insects, it's always a huge centipede (like the one I found in our bedroom the other morning) or big, ugly spiders! I honestly don't mind the spiders too much, as long as they're not in my house. We've had so many spiders in the house lately that I've started having nightmares about them!

Michael also found this in the garden...yay?

Things never get boring with (almost) teenagers around. I found this note attached to a focaccia bun in the fridge.

Take care everyone!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the great pix. I hope all goes well with the move.


Sock said...

Good luck with your move :)