Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas with Cousins

*Please note: if you click on the photos, you can view them in their true resolution; they're not really that small. Right click on the photo and open in a new page, that way you won't have to return to the blog each time.*

This time I've made the photos larger...just for you, Mat!!

Our Christmas holiday was very loud, very colourful and lots of fun. Unfortunately my sister, Christie, was suffering from morning sickness (which appeared every evening) and found it difficult to stay up with us party animals. ;)

It was fabulous to see all the cousins together and I still can't believe there's going to be another addition this year!

I loved it when they all just chilled together. (This didn't happen too often.)

Daniel and Oliver are great mates. A little bit of fighting, but mostly they got along great.

Watching Uncle Mat try to kill the carp that he and Kayla caught was probably the most traumatic, yet hilarious thing I've ever witnessed. Just when we finally thought it was dead it would start flailing about again! We named it "Zombie Carp from Hell".

The carp are an introduced fish and threaten the habitat of the native fish in the Murray River. Although they don't eat native fish, the native fish have to compete with them for food. It is actually illegal to put them back into the river if you catch one. You have to kill them.

Pretending to be dead, but not actually dead.


This year we decided to open presents one at a time. It was a much nicer way of doing it as we all got to see what everyone got from Santa. Present opening also lasted more than three minutes for a change!

The before shot.

The after shot

Oliver and I spent some of Christmas morning building this (with Daniel overseeing the project).


It just wouldn't be my blog if I didn't have photos of delicious food!

Christmas lunch...

I love that the boys (all except Michael - yes, I'm naming names) washed up afterwards!

My favourite part of the day was just sitting on the jetty and watching the carp and the crabs go by; feeding the ducks and watching Michael drink his gigantic beer (whilst not doing dishes).

This is how kitty spent the day. She did get a little bit of turkey for lunch and was extremely happy about that.


Nothing is certain as yet, but we might be heading back to the Territory. I know, I know!! But I think sometimes you have to get away from a place to see it better...does that make sense? We can think of a million reasons to go back, but very few to stay.

We live in an extremely isolated area, there's no work, and even less amenities than Katherine. There aren't many families around; most people living here are over 50 and retired. If we'd moved to Adelaide or Victor Harbor initially we may not be feeling this way, who knows? But as it stands, moving back to Katherine seems like a pretty tasty idea to all of us right now.

I don't feel as though we've lost anything or failed in any way. We've had a really fun time the last few months. We've seen a lot of the area, enjoyed the beach, gone fishing, and caught up with old and new friends. We've been able to get a lot of things into perspective and see things much more clearly. We just have to do what feels right.


We caved in and bought a wii after playing with Kerri's on New Year's Day. The kids are loving it and Kayla has never done so much exercise in her life! She's all sore and sorry today, but as I write this she's playing the rhythm boxing game and getting an aerobic workout. What an ingenius toy! It really is one of the best investments for our family's health we've ever made. My friend, Alex, and her son came down for a visit yesterday and now they're buying a wii next week!


Well, that's about all that's going on at the moment. I hope you are all healthy and happy and have a fantastic 2009!


Anonymous said...

Wow, moving again?! When might you do this?

Also, you made me want a Wii really badly.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas. I love your pix, as usual. I especially liked the "before and after."


Anonymous said...


Kimberley said...

Guys, if you leave a comment, let me know who it is!!

Sturre Family said...

It was a wonderful Christmas, thanks again for having us all there.
Can't believe you are thinking of returning to Katherine!!! A lot can happen in 5 days.....changed your minds yet? LOL
Love Anonymous xx :P

Allycat said...

Hey Kim - Happy New Year! Looks like you had an awesome family christmas and the food looked delicious!

dan said...

that's a great idea for the Wii. now i'm thinking of getting one because of the health benefits, which I didn't really think about before. would make the process of working out much funner!