Sunday, November 8, 2009


Halloween fun!

The girls really enjoyed getting dressed up. No, really!



I sat on the porch waiting to hand out lollies to vampires and witches...only one group showed up! But this lovely rainbow showed up which made everything okay.

Check out our stash, mum!


We hit the Oktoberfest (on the 1st of November).

We went with Aimee and Tim, friends from Katherine.

I just couldn't bring myself to eat the fatty German sausages, so I paid an exorbitant amount for a bun with lettuce and tomato!! It did have sauerkraut (wow, I actually spelled that correctly the first time) on it though.

I had my work Christmas party a couple of weekends ago. We went to the city for a Turkish banquet and then went clubbing.

Me in my gorgeous new dress!

Out the front, about to hit the town.


We did an embassy drive last Saturday.


New Zealand.

Papua New Guinea.

Then we hit the National Dinosaur Museum. We were originally going to go to Cockington Green, but when we saw dinosaurs we didn't get any further.

I like to think I am fairly evolved.

Michael and I spent over half an hour trying to figure this puzzle out only to find a crucial piece was missing!

After that we went to a lovely little pub called The George Harcourt Inn and had lunch. The kids were very entertaining and the food was fantastic.


I had vegetarian quiche.

We went to Questacon on the way home too but didn't take any photos because we have a gazillion of us at Questacon already. I finally got in the roller-coaster simulator and faced my fear of confined spaces. It was actually quite fun!


Sunday we had a bbq for my birthday. It was a lovely day with the family, the weather was perfect and we even had a water balloon fight!

The cheap sausages were so fatty they practically burst into flames on impact.

I made mudslides, but couldn't even finish one! I used cream and it was just too rich!


We've started working on a vegetable garden. Very exciting!

This was metre-high dead grass last week.

It's soooo good to have a compost bin again too.

Taking a break.


Random Stuff

I FINALLY found my book! I actually thought I bought it last week, but had accidentally ordered Tubby and the Lantern (which I already had). I was utterly shattered as I had been searching and bidding and searching some more for months! I cried when I realised what I'd done!

So anyway, I gave it to Kayla and now the kids both have a copy of Tubby and the Lantern. It's not as sought after as Tubby and the Poo-Bah, but still a classic.

I told Michael not to get me a birthday present because I was bidding on this book. I won the auction, it sold for $54. On some sites it was selling for up to $200! It hasn't arrived yet so I won't really relax until it's safely in my hands!

You will be mine!! Oh yes!

Birthday present from Nan.

Trying to change the linen around Kitty.

We made play dough!

Daniel approached me asking "Guess who?" (For the .002 percent of people who don't know, it's Homer Simpson.)

Bought myself a little present!

Tikka Masala!

Well, it's racing into Christmas as it always does. I will be working a lot over the next month as naturally this time of year is extremely hectic in retail.

I have two weeks off in January so I will probably use that time to post Christmas photos and catch up on what happened in December.

Life is, for the most part, good. We've had a few ups and downs, as we all do, but things are back on track.

I really miss my friends back in the NT and SA, so please stay in touch. I'd love to know what you're all up to. I'm not much for talking on the phone, I know - I am so slack, but please drop me a line sometime. I certainly haven't forgotten you (Lara, Cris, Catherine to mention but a few).

Kim xx