Saturday, December 13, 2008

Absolutely the last blog before Christmas!

*Please note: if you click on the photos, you can view them in their true resolution; they're not really that small. Right click on the photo and open in a new page, that way you won't have to return to the blog each time.*

I wasn't going to do another blog update before Christmas, but I've got lots of photos and news!

On Thursday night Kayla had her graduation ceremony. She'd already graduated from Primary School in the Northern Territory last year, but it was still exciting for her. After doing her hair and makeup I almost decided not to let her leave the house, ever! She looked stunning!

The rest of us scrubbed up alright too.

Receiving her certificate. Nan, that's Julie Kelly on the right!

My pet yabby hadn't eaten for a few days and I thought he must be near death's door. We came home from Noarlunga on Saturday afternoon and found him in a real state!!! I took one look and started to feel ill, "Oh god, he's dead and he's BROKEN INTO TWO PIECES!" I shouted as I tried not to vomit!

Kayla just rolled her eyes at me and said "Nooo, mum. He's just shed his shell!"

Duh! Who knew they did that??

The old shell.

He was quite pink afterwards. They become very sensitive to the water conditions for a couple of days after they shed.

So, not only is he not dead or dying, but he's a picture of health! Shedding means they are growing bigger - it must be the two fish he ate from the pet shop. The other two fish that Kayla caught from the river and put in there mustn't have a flavour he likes because they're still alive and well.

I read up on the whole shedding thing and it said to leave the old shell in the tank for a few days as they like to eat it and get the nutrients from it. Sure enough, I found him devouring his old shell.

Mum, does Kayla remind you of someone (someone who refused to smile for photos - yes, yes, it's biting me on the arse)?

I can't wait to cook for everyone over Christmas.

Rogan Josh...

...with minted yoghurt, saffron rice and papadums.

I also made the yummiest stir fry the other night!

Last night (Sunday) we went to the Christmas Pageant in Goolwa. It was FREEZING! The sun was out for about five minutes when we first got there, but then it went behind some clouds and the famous Arctic winds started blowing!

Even so, we really enjoyed the parade.

This is the float for Daniel's old school.

How cute is this?

I thought this was just so gorgeous. This little girl was crying her heart out for some reason, but kept on waving! What a trooper! You absolutely HAVE to right click on this photo and have a closer look!!

Aunty Daphne and Uncle Lindsay popped in for a visit this morning. They were on their way to visit Aunty Janet in Adelaide and would then be making a few more stops on the way to Balaclava. It was lovely to see them and the kids took to them straight away. Daniel especially seemed to like Aunty Daphne (even if he wouldn't cuddle her, we could tell).

Kayla doing what she does best this morning. She can't wait for Grandad to get here so they can catch and eat a carp together!

Don't forget to bring your winter woollies Mum and Christie! See you in a week!!


Bev said...

We can't wait to try your cooking Kim - it looks very yummy!
Kayla, you looked lovely for your graduation and grandad is really looking forward to going fishing with you.
Daniel - what a spunk - so good looking!
We don't believe that it is THAT cold Kim, but we will bring some warm clothes.
See you all soon.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff.

Happy holidays, doll.


Anonymous said...

Awww, beautiful photos as usual! Congratulations on your graduation Kayla!
Indian food for Christmas sounds yummy.
Oh, is me Alex

Sturre Family said...

You are all looking healthy and gorgeous.
Things are not so good here, everyday I expect the kids to improve and so far it's not happening. I spent another night with Oliver up all night having the runs. He's missed 3 weeks of kindy and looks like he will miss his last day tomorrow :(
We are working very hard on getting well in time for Christmas. xx

Anonymous said...

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