Sunday, November 16, 2008


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Last Saturday (also my 37th birthday) we picked up Benny and hit the Murray mouth. We drove along the beach at Goolwa to get there and I was amazed at how many other people had the same idea.

Driving along the beach.

The mouth.

A lot of people were cockling. Quite frankly I think they were bloody insane as it was truly freezing!! Some were up to their chests in the ocean while the freezing winds were howling!!!

We spent a couple of hours fishing, but unfortunately we caught nothing (except the one little fish that I caught).

Cheeky little crabs kept stealing our bait too!

Daniel really enjoyed making a sandcastle with Dad.

My bum got wet so I had to shove a towel down my pants! Even though I was wearing two jackets (Kayla gave me hers) I was still freezing!!


I know I've been kinda missing Katherine a lot lately and it shows in my blogs. So I'm trying to just focus on appreciating my local area. It's really not hard to do, it is pretty fantastic!

These birds (I haven't yet identified them) often gather on the rocks out the back. Click for a better look!

Kayla and me at a beach near Middleton a couple of weekends ago.


The biggest news of the week is that Kayla finally caught her fish!! We were sitting on the jetty yesterday afternoon just chatting, absent-mindedly feeding the ducks and throwing crumbs into the water. When all of a sudden the most enormous carp swam right up to the rocks!!! Well, it was on!!

Kayla ran and got her fishing gear, whacked a chunk of bread on the hook and lowered it in the water. The great fish immediately took it and she managed to get it up out of the water...using a hand reel!! It was so hilarious!

You have to understand how much this girl has wanted to catch a fish ever since we first arrived. She's spent hours on that jetty to no avail and begs us at every opportunity to take her fishing. The fish let go as Kayla was screaming at it "Come here!!!" and it was just too much - Daniel and I were rolling around on the jetty in absolute hysterics! I've never seen anybody so obsessed with wanting to catch a fish!

After that Michael came out and we all threw a line in. About twenty minutes later I got a bite and handed it over to Kayla to bring in (this was her fish - she'd made it quite clear that my life wouldn't be worth living if I brought that fish in).

The result...

Of course, we threw it back. But Kayla was one very happy girl last night.


Today I bought myself a birthday present with the money that Nan and Grandma Strand sent me. I found this huge fish bowl and was going to just put fish in it, but when I went to the pet shop I saw this cute yabby and I couldn't resist!


Sometimes it's just all too much and you need a cuddle.


I love the simple pleasures. This was my favourite book as a child. Daniel is well and truly reading now and he hasn't even started school yet!! It came easily to him, as it did with his Dad and me. I'm so pleased about that as it's just one less thing to struggle with at school. He's started his orientation at Goolwa Primary School now and is quite excited about it I think! (If only Kayla was excited about going to high school!)


Michael and I left the kids with Kerri on Saturday night while we stayed in Victor to have a night out. We grabbed a bite to eat, but after that I just couldn't be bothered going out. So I bought the SATC movie and some Turkish Delight and went back to Kerri's. I'd much rather spend my birthday relaxing with friends than at the pub. Mum, what's happening to me??? ;)

We went into Adelaide again on Sunday. It's so great being so close to the city. We met up with Alex and Trewin, walked around Rundle Mall and did a little Christmas shopping. I could spend all day there, but Daniel ran out of steam and went on strike - he refused to walk anymore! He slept all the way home.

That's all the news for now. I hope you all are well, stay in touch!

Love Kim xox

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Sturre Family said...

Wow Kayla, what a whopper - that would have been fun to catch!! Hopefully it will warm up for you soon, it's that cold wind that's the killer hey? Great to see your action packed lifestyle :)
Can Daniel teach Olly to read at xmas time? I can't believe he's reading - that's awesome. Take care, sweetie xx