Saturday, November 1, 2008

Katherine: a beautiful place

*Please note: if you click on the photos, you can view them in their true resolution; they're not really that blurry. Right click on the photo and open in a new page, that way you won't have to return to the blog each time.*

It's beautiful here, but lately I've really been missing my old garden. Renting means we can't have a vegetable garden, dig holes, or grow sunflowers if we feel like it. We never have outdoor projects to work on anymore (something we all did as a family). I really want to own my own home again and feel sad that this is probably not going to happen for a long time.

Anyway, please enjoy these photos as I reminisce.

I miss having a compost bin! It's great that we finally get to recycle paper and plastic, but I loved spreading our rich compost over the garden beds!

We had some delicious Roma tomatoes for a few months!

I really miss these guys!

The spiders are everywhere here, but they're not this pretty.


Although the wildlife here is pretty awesome, I really miss the insects of the Top End. They were prolific and so incredibly interesting to look at.

We all miss our pets and hope they're happy.

My pond. *sigh*

I know what you're thinking, I have a canal in my backyard. It's not the same. Michael made this pond for me and it was my little escape whenever I was feeling anxious or stressed. The sound of trickling water was like a panacea for my mental health!

I don't think I've seen a single butterfly here yet.

I miss the nooks,

the crannies,

the "Ta ta" lizards,

and my fishes.

Gah! Homesickness!!

It's hard to let go of a place that you loved so much. When it comes to the weather and flora and fauna I think the Top End will always be my absolute favourite place. I really loved the wet season as it brought the frogs and the insects out of hiding. I even loved the build up to the rain. The heat and the humidity were comforting to me for some reason. I miss the noise of the cicadas and the wild storms. I never begrudged the rain waking me up through the night, it always made me feel safe and as if all was right with the world.

I feel a bit like an alien here. Out of my element and struggling to adapt to the cool, dry weather.

Don't worry, I'm not really sad or anything. I just miss my friends, I miss the Indigenous people (especially the children), and I miss owning my own home.

I know we've done the right thing in leaving Katherine, but a part of my heart will always remain there.


Gemma said...

Oh Kimmy!! Who would ever have thought that you would turn into a nature girl and want to get your hands dirty in the garden!

I understand your homesickness - hope it passes soon. You will come to love Adelaide and its seasons soon enough.

Might get over your way soon.


Allycat said...

Hey Kim - I remember leaving Alice Spring over 10 years ago now and thinking I would never love a place as much as that - It took about six months for me to fall in love with Canberra and now, it is my most favourite spot ever! I still have a soft spot for the harsh beauty of the NT but nothing beats watching the four seasons from your front window. Also, my friend rents and they brought a sandpit and used that as a vegie patch - perfect and easy to take with you if you leave - you can also still do your compost also!

Sock said...

we put our presents under the tree and dole them out one by one. Keeps the focus of attention moving, makes the clearing-up easier, and the kids have no excuse not to write thankyou letters ;P