Saturday, October 11, 2008

School Holiday Fun

Hi Folks,

well it's a blustery, windy Sunday today. Thankfully it's a warm wind, but it truly feels like a tornado is brewing!

Michael has taken the kids for a drive and I have a little time to myself. So I thought I'd use it to catch up on my blog.

We finally met up with Ben and Gwyneth (old buddies from Tennant Creek). I ran into Gwyneth at the markets last weekend. They have four gorgeous girls aged 2, 4, 6 and 8! We went out to dinner with them last night (and Alex and Trewin from Adelaide came too) and then took the kids down to the wharf to run around. We were promptly attacked by ravenous mozzies so we bailed out and came home!

Everyone came back to our place too and the girls got comfortable on the couch with the kitty (while we solved the problems of the world).


Here are some photos from the markets last Sunday. They closed off the main street and it was a pretty big deal as there were hundreds of people. They had bands, jumping castles and lots of interesting stalls. Daniel had a horse ride and sat in a fire truck and Kayla got a caricature drawn of herself.

Don't be fooled, Kayla is really enjoying herself.


I took the kids fishing while Michael was away. We didn't get so much as a nibble which caused Daniel to yell in despair "That's it, I give up!!"

We went to the boat ramp at Coorong National Park. It was fun watching all the boats come and go anyway. Although we were constantly wishing we were on them!

We didn't see a lot of wildlife, but we did find some dead stuff laying around.

Puffer fish.


Yesterday we went to the Port Elliot show. It was much smaller than the Katherine show, but was still a great day out.

They had lots of animals to look at and interact with.

Again, Kayla was having a fabulous time!

Daniel went on the tea cup ride with me.

Then he got really brave and went on the Skydiver with Kayla and Michael.

Then he wanted to go on this!!! Obviously he wasn't allowed to! But what a thrill seeker!


I just had to include this photo of the yummiest breakfast I've ever had. Bacon, eggs, tomato, cheese on a toasted wholemeal muffin with Worcestershire sauce and Dijon mustard! OMG!


I love how much there is to do around here. There's just no excuse for ever being bored! The night life is lacking, but I'm not overly concerned about that (after all, Adelaide is just up the road). The lifestyle here is just perfect for raising kids and that makes me happy.

It was really great to catch up with Gwyneth and Ben. It made me feel so much less isolated and it was fun talking about the Territory with them. Daniel had an absolute ball playing with the girls too.

It's back to school next week. They both start on Tuesday and I think they are secretly looking forward to it. They've both been craving the company of kids their own age and rightly so.

That's all for now, I hope all are well. A special shout out to Nan, we're all thinking of you and hoping your health is on the improve real fast!! *hugs*

Kim xxx

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Sturre Family said...

It's great to see you getting out there and exploring - the kids must be loving it....Kayla's enthusiasm is bursting out!! :P