Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Cockle Train and more.

It's school holidays for two weeks and there's so much to do! What a lovely change.

Today we rode an old steam engine (see below), tomorrow we're going fishing, Friday we're visiting Kerri in Victor Harbor, Saturday we'll hit the beach, and we'll go to the local markets in Goolwa on Sunday.

We've had a pretty busy week.

Last Saturday we had some special visitors.

Some of us were not so welcoming!

We bought a new (used) car. It's a 2001 Mistubishi Magna. I love it because it's automatic and so easy to drive!

Michael and I got our "bro tatts". We love them so much!

The weather is just perfect for curries. We've been eating rather well lately; just really enjoying our tucker!

Kayla helps too.

Mmmm, cream and honey added to the mix!

The finished result; Kenyan Chicken Curry. Yum!

We've eaten far too many creamy curries over the last few weeks and need to work them off!! So we bought a new treadmill and some gym equipment last week. We've started weight training and jogging again and it feels great!

I won a whole truckload of Incredible Hulk stuff last week. I put most of it away for Christmas, but I couldn't resist giving this to Daniel now.

I love our bedroom so much. It's huge!

I love the walk-in robe!

I will take pics of the kids' rooms the next time they are tidy. ;)

Last night I had Renee and Kerri over for butter chicken. They both brought me the most beautiful flowers as a housewarming gift.

I have such amazing friends.

We had the most wonderful experience today (Thursday, 2nd October). We caught the steam train this morning from Goolwa into Victor Harbor. It was really exciting, with all the steam and the very loud tooting.

The view was just spectacular the entire way.

Shetland ponies.

At Victor Harbor.

We only had time to run into the sweets shop and buy some goodies before the train left again.

It was such a beautiful morning out with the kids. We were only sad that Michael was in Katherine, working, and couldn't be with us. But it certainly won't be the last time we take the train, so next time, Daddy!

When we arrived home from the train ride we found an extra special guest waiting for us!

Kayla tells me it's a Shingleback lizard. She learned about them from a school excursion to the beach and has been dying to find one ever since. She couldn't wait to pick it up and hold it!

Kayla (Bindi Irwin) and lizard.

I am still suffering from awful foot cramps. Go away cold weather!

Life is good. We're really looking forward to Daddy getting home safely though. We miss you, Michael (and the rest of you too).


Sturre Family said...

Could Kayla get any more gorgeous?? Olly will be sooooo jealous of Daniel's hulk gloves - they are on his wish list!
Love you guys, glad you are having fun exploring your new home.
xx Christie

P.S. Put some bloody socks on woman!

Kimberley said...

I HAD socks on. Shoes too! I took them off to show everyone my cramp and Kayla took a photo! lol