Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Day Out

Hi everyone!

Last weekend we went to Goolwa beach. The surf was pretty good and we saw lots of surfers getting stuck into it.

The kids enjoyed playing in the sand and Daniel was funny running terrified from the waves that sneaked up on him a few times.

I just enjoyed the scenery.

After the beach we headed into Victor. They have the best playground ever! Even Michael and I had a ball on it!

The swans were there to greet us on our return home.

This cheeky seagull actually sat on the swan's back in order to get to the bread!

As most of you know, Kayla had a nasty fall onto Daniel's bike and cracked a rib. She's quite proud of the bruise though!

We went to Kerri's on Wednesday night for dinner. She cooked a beautiful Moroccan dinner that was a feast for the eyes as well as the palate! Next time I am taking my camera for sure! It's my turn to cook for you now, Kerri!

We have a quiet weekend ahead. We'll finally be getting rid of all the boxes and rubbish from when we moved in. There's a lot still to do! Saturday morning we'll head into Victor to look at used cars. We're surviving okay with the one car right now, but Michael is flying back to Katherine on October 1st and (as he has to drive to Adelaide) I'll be without a car. We'll need one for when I get a job anyway. We haven't decided what sort yet, but it will definitely be an automatic!

On Saturday night Alex and Jane are coming down from Adelaide for a visit. We're going to The Rankine restaurant at the marina on Hindmarsh Island. So really looking forward to that!

Tonight, Friday night, we'll be busy watching "Hell's Kitchen" as season 4 begins! Can't wait!!

That's all for now, folks! Hope you are all well and happy!


all of us. xox

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Sturre Family said...

Looks great! Like you, we really appreciate a good playground when we come across one. Luckily they are a aplenty down this way.
I hope Daniel is feeling okay with his ear, and Kayla with her ribs. You are giving the hospital a bit of business!
Love ya xx