Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Day Out

Hi everyone!

Last weekend we went to Goolwa beach. The surf was pretty good and we saw lots of surfers getting stuck into it.

The kids enjoyed playing in the sand and Daniel was funny running terrified from the waves that sneaked up on him a few times.

I just enjoyed the scenery.

After the beach we headed into Victor. They have the best playground ever! Even Michael and I had a ball on it!

The swans were there to greet us on our return home.

This cheeky seagull actually sat on the swan's back in order to get to the bread!

As most of you know, Kayla had a nasty fall onto Daniel's bike and cracked a rib. She's quite proud of the bruise though!

We went to Kerri's on Wednesday night for dinner. She cooked a beautiful Moroccan dinner that was a feast for the eyes as well as the palate! Next time I am taking my camera for sure! It's my turn to cook for you now, Kerri!

We have a quiet weekend ahead. We'll finally be getting rid of all the boxes and rubbish from when we moved in. There's a lot still to do! Saturday morning we'll head into Victor to look at used cars. We're surviving okay with the one car right now, but Michael is flying back to Katherine on October 1st and (as he has to drive to Adelaide) I'll be without a car. We'll need one for when I get a job anyway. We haven't decided what sort yet, but it will definitely be an automatic!

On Saturday night Alex and Jane are coming down from Adelaide for a visit. We're going to The Rankine restaurant at the marina on Hindmarsh Island. So really looking forward to that!

Tonight, Friday night, we'll be busy watching "Hell's Kitchen" as season 4 begins! Can't wait!!

That's all for now, folks! Hope you are all well and happy!


all of us. xox

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The arrival.

We're here.

The past week has felt totally surreal. I keep thinking I'll wake up at any moment and be back in Katherine. But it's real, and so, so wonderful.

It's cold. I am really struggling with that part. I love the tropics. I loved the wet season; the extreme humidity as the weather slowly builds up to the rain. The frightening part is that it's spring here. Spring! I'm going to be one sorry little icicle come winter.

Everything is beautiful here. We're surrounded by water, beautiful flowers (you can't grow flowers in Katherine, it's too hot) and birds of all descriptions. I can literally see ducks from where I'm sitting right now. Every so often two black swans glide past and I have to pinch myself!

The trip was tough. It always is, but this time even more so because we had our kitty in the back. She really hated being couped up in the cage and spent much of the time hanging upside down.

Upside down kitty thinks car travel is not so grate aktully.

At times the trip felt endless. We drove over 3,000 kms.

Sights like this incredible rainbow made it all worthwhile. It's the biggest one I've ever seen. It was complete too. We were lucky to get these photos as it disappeared almost immediately after taking them. It was so big I couldn't fit it all in and had to take two photos!

We almost copped a speeding fine, but the nice policeman let us off with a warning. It's very hard to drive at 110 when you're used to 130. Especially when there is nothing on the road to hit for a thousand miles!

This is how I felt about crossing the border...permanently!

There were a lot of signs warning of "Caution Cattle Crossing". Some hilarious bugger decided to white out the "crossing" part and add their own verb. Some of them were "Caution Cattle Dancing", "Caution Cattle Jumping", but my personal favourite was this one "Caution Cattle Keeping It Real". I just wish the photo had turned out better.

We managed to see a hundred of these (kangaroos, not signs) and not hit a single one.

The trip from Port Augusta to Adelaide is just wonderful. The yellow canola fields were incredible. This photo doesn't do them justice at all.

It always freaks me out when the police drive straight at you on your side of the road. More houses being relocated.

Adelaide! It felt so good driving into the city. It meant we'd arrived!

We spent a few days with Renee. She pampered us the whole time, starting with the most delicious beef madras EVAR!

Berlin is the best baby. She hardly ever cried, smiled all the time and slept a lot!

The kids were treated to the biggest bowl of spaghetti they'd ever seen in their lives. Kayla still talks about it.

Renee even indulged my kitty.

Thanks again, Renee!

We spent a night with our friend, Kerri too. Daniel and Cohen hit it off so well as they had many common interests. Kayla and Tea had fun playing with their gorgeous little Burmese kitty.

Kerri cooked up a storm for us, but she hasn't sent me the photos I took of her food yet!

Thanks Kerri!

The new house is like a posh hotel. I've never lived in such a pretty house. It's so big and spacious and I love it so much.

Opening the front door for the first time was such an exciting moment!

Our new backyard.

Kayla loves the local wildlife.

Our neighbours are rich. Seriously! Check out the boats!

There are so many birds around. They're very tame and it's obvious they get fed by the locals.

This duck comes to visit often. I don't think it has any idea that a thin pane of glass is the only thing preventing it from a violent death. My kitty has bonked her head several times since we moved in.

Or maybe it does...

I love the gardens around the town. They're just incredible. These are from my garden.

Even the weeds are pretty...

We bought ourselves a couple of housewarming presents. Our old couch was literally falling apart and our old TV was positively ancient! I can't wait to watch the original Star Wars trilogy again on a big screen!

How awesome is this scratching post?

Kitty is very snuggly now that she's cold all the time!

We bought Daniel a new bike and Kayla has been very patiently trying to teach Daniel to ride it. He keeps insisting that he wants to wait until he's five! I'm sure he thinks that's a magic number.

Daniel and Kayla are both at pre-school and primary school respectively. Daniel is absolutely loving it and has made a new best friend already. Today was Kayla's first day and she was pretty nervous. I have to go and pick her up soon and I'm dying to know how she went!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed sharing our trip with us. We're still settling in and exploring the area. We miss our friends back in the NT, but are looking forward to making new ones. It's been a mad couple of weeks and I'm amazed that somehow we've been able to pull this whole thing off pretty smoothly. Now to sit back and enjoy it.